Refresh Your Journey


We believe in natural on-the-go hygiene for everyone, anywhere.

Where adventure meets freshness for skin that's cared for anywhere, anytime. Our pioneering no-rinse body wash revolutionizes what it means to stay fresh on the go. With BODDI, you can embrace a skin-nourishing shower whenever you need it, bringing the ultimate comfort of cleanliness right to your fingertips, regardless of your surroundings or amenities.

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Our Mission

Limited hygiene awareness, access, and freedom are challenges faced by many people worldwide.

We recognize that basic hygiene poses a complex issue for millions of individuals who are disproportionately affected by the lack of resources. This not only increases vulnerability to infections, but can result in feelings of guilt and shame.

We partner with organizations to provide access to hygiene products and clean water, enabling individuals to participate in daily life without stigma.

Help us make hygiene access a reality for everyone. If your organization is interested in partnering with BODDI, please contact our team today.

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Live Fearlessly, Maintain Cleanliness

At BODDI, we believe in living a bold and fearless existence, unrestricted by the limitations of our surroundings. Personal hygiene is not just about staying fresh; it’s the freedom to live life with the dignity everyone deserves. This understanding sits at the heart of our mission, fueling our commitment to provide dependable, natural, and effective hygiene solutions for active individuals worldwide.


Thank you for visiting BODDI!

I founded BODDI after going through a challenging time during the Covid pandemic. I was isolated, working long hours, and neglecting my health. It made me realize the importance of personal hygiene in maintaining mental well-being. This experience motivated me to create a solution that would make it possible for anyone to stay clean and healthy at any time. 

Whether you're going from a workout to a meeting, living life on the road, or juggling a busy family and work life, BODDI is your instant refresh. It's your secret weapon for staying impeccably clean no matter where your adventures take you! 

Amanda Pasciolla

BODDI Founder

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Experience the BODDI Difference

Reimagine your hygiene routine with BODDI’s no-rinse body wash – because we believe that everyone, anywhere, deserves to be clean and feel empowered. Live your adventure and stay clean, no matter where you roam – that's the BODDI way.